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Watch Cat

Title: Steel IWC Caliber 403 Hand Wind on Steel Bracelet

Description: EXCELLENT condition. Sweet timepiece from the mid 1970's and one of the remaining affordable genres from IWC as every other model they sell, modern or vintage is VERY expensive. Maybe underpriced here but I can make money at this price so I am happy. Really in superb shape with a few faint scuffs on the back. Mint original dial and signed integral bracelet. Integral means permanently attached. Very smooth feeling nice on the wrist, fitting any size. It fits my 7 and 1/2 inch wrist with quite a bit of slack. Just slide the end of the bracelet further into the clasp to make it smaller, no mechanical adjustment necessary. The beautiful Caliber 403 IWC hand wound movement keeps excellent time. It comes with a cool archive from IWC which notates the reference number of this model as #2403 and as having been sold in 1975. Measures 33.5 mm wide (not including the crown) x 37.5 mm long x 9 mm thick. {$1275} Item #5289 SOLD




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