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Watch Cat

Watch Cat

Title: New Old Stock Ollech and Wajs Early Bird

Description: NOS/MINT condition. Sometimes a watch can be in New Old Stock condition (never sold to the public) and still have case scuffing or signs of age. Rarely are they found in pristine mint condition like this old military style timepiece. Swiss made by the famous small company Ollech and Wajs (pronounced Wise). Albert Wajs is still making affordable mil style and divers watches. This was for Vietnam era soldiers and/or pilots with its unique 24hr dial where the hour hand makes one revolution per 24hrs. Mint original dial. Mint original three piece screw back steel case and bezel. Made in Switzerland with a hand wound 17j non-hack movement. It runs fine but has never been serviced as the back has the original sticker and has not been touched or removed. Water resistant to over 600 ft. Shock resistant. Steel body and back. Highly collectable in today's frenetic market. Measures 39 mm wide (not including the crown) x 47 mm long x 12 mm thick. {$575} Item #4409 TRADED TO DJ


Jon Shaffer
PO Box 543
Carthage, MO 64836

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