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Watch Cat

Title: Beautiful Black Dial Zodiac Triple Date Moon Phase Automatic

Description: VERYGOOD condition. This attractive and rare gold plated watch would normally sell for about $800 here or in any reasonable retail setting but because of the wear on the lug tips and tops near the end, I have set the price quite a bit lower. The four push pins in the sides of the case set the various complications. Push pin at 10 is missing its tiny bezel but works perfectly setting the day of the week. The push pin at 8 sets the phases of the moon. The push pin at 2 sets the month. The push pin at 4 sets the day of the month hand with the red tip. The dial is original with aged lum dots outside the markers and in perfect condition. The moon dial also is perfect. Wayne our watchmaker has gone through this time piece with a fine toothed comb and regulated it for excellent time keeping. All functions work as they should and you might know this but triple date moon phase Swiss watches are very expensive. Automatic triple date moon phase watches are rare and even more expensive. Any other vintage brand would be three of four times this amount. Of course, you can pay triple this amount for the same watch at Derek the tricky dick's website in Canada. Like many of our competitors he has another job (selling real estate) and prices his watches according to what the next unknowledgeable sucker might pay. Too bad if  you are one of those. We have installed a brand new Hadley Roma 895 black Breitling style thick leather strap. Measures 34.5 mm wide (not including the crown) x 42 mm long x 12.5 mm thick. {$575} Item #5651 SOLD

a little case wear seen. all four pushers in perfect working condition


Jon Shaffer
PO Box 543
Carthage, MO 64836

417.793.6364-Jon Shaffer

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