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Because of fraud and theft, we no longer accept credit cards or pay pal.

Cash, money order, wires, trades or checks only.


Welcome to WatchCat.com  




Our goal here at WatchCat is to bring the best product for the best price to our customers. Some items may appear to be way under market price. That is because I was able to obtain savings from a wholesaler which I am passing on to the customer. We need your support to continue to keep LOW MARGINS. Otherwise, prices go up as volume goes down. Please feel free to call anytime. Many of the watches sold are just as I have found them. These will be well below market price and may need a service for optimal performance. Watches marked Serviced have a one year warranty on the movement.

PAYMENT TERMSWE HAVE A SEVEN DAY RETURN POLICY IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE WATCH minus shipping costs and a restocking fee unless other arrangements are made. Returns must be pre-approved by e-mail or phone.  The watch must be returned in the same condition as it was sent.  You may pay with a personal check if you like but if you are a new customer we will wait for the check to clear before shipping the watch. Usually 7 to 10 days. United States Postal Money Orders are inexpensive and fully refundable if lost or stolen. We ship within 24hrs if you use a USPS money order.  Please fill out the order form  and feel free to call our office if you have any questions at 417-310-5314 OR toll free at 1-866-226-0529.  WIRES ACCEPTED. Overseas postage is usually $15 to $45.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM so that we will have a record of the transaction. This is not binding in any way. I will put a HOLD on the watch as soon as I receive the order form. My address is on the bottom of every page.

Thank you for your time.

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417.793.6364-Jon Shaffer

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